Workshop Sessions Final Program

To view the final program of the accepted workshop sessions please go to

The projection screens are all in 16:9 ratio.

Workshop and Tutorial Sessions

Workshop and Tutorial Sessions are a part of the pre-conference activities and will be held on Sunday 27 October 2019.

Workshop presentations will not be uploaded to Xplore. However, the List of Accepted Workshop and Tutorial Sessions, and their programs, will be included in the IEEE-ITSC 2019 Program Book which will be distributed to the IEEE-ITSC 2019 Participants.

All Accepted Workshops and Tutorial Sessions will also be listed at the IEEE-ITSC 2019 website. It is strongly recommended that all Workshop/Tutorial Organisers develop their own web site for displaying details of their workshop/tutorial sessions such as:

  • title and abstracts of the talks
  • presentation timeline,
  • power point slides,
  • a profile of each presenter, etc.

Attendance at Workshop and Tutorial Sessions will be subject to an additional fee, in addition to the Conference registration fee. Thus, all workshop/tutorial session participants (including organisers and presenters) will be required to pay a workshop attendance fee due to the venue hire cost and catering costs.

Workshop and Tutorial Session Proposals must be submitted via Paperplaza submission site at

Instructions for submitting Workshop and Tutorial Session Proposals:

  • A Workshop session should address an active research topic or a well defined area of interest to Intelligent transport systems community. The proposal should describe how the workshop will be organised to encourage an active interaction between presenters and attendance.
  • A Tutorial session should focus on presenting the fundamental principles, tools and algorithms of an active research area. The main objective of the tutorial is to disseminate knowledge of a very active area across a general audience.
  • Proposals must address the following items:
    • Title
    • Duration
    • Organisers
    • Aim of the Workshop /Tutorial (up to 400 words )
    • Topics of Interest
    • Intended Audience (up to 200 words)
    • Expected Attendance
    • Invited Speakers / regular presentations
    • Program
    • Equipment required

Please use this template to develop your proposal.

Please contact Workshop Co-Chairs, towards obtaining any further information