Special Sessions

List of special sessions:

1 5nnn2 Control, Communication and Emerging Technologies in Smart Rail Systems
2 hvw3d Human Factors in Intelligent Transportation Systems (HFITS)
3 wg6hq Data-Driven Traffic Network Optimization and Control
4 8233k Cooperative Driving
5 5g1r6 Aviation Systems Intelligent Computational Models
6 796ng Use of Big Datasets in Transportation: Applications for National, State, and Local Agencies
7 82igy Smart Railway
8 w9y18 Advanced Monitoring, Prediction, and Control Methods for Urban Arterials
9 74pje Navigation and Localization for Intelligent Transportation Systems
10 gx8a1 Special Session on Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Control
11 u9we1 Cybersecurity and Privacy Issues in Emerging Mobility Technologies and Services
12 1nrw6 Big Data and Emerging Technologies for Traffic Safety Improvement
13 v91gx Mobility Management Through Pricing, Incentives and Tradable Permits
14 28t7t Network Modeling Solutions for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Advances in Computing and Communication Technologies
15 tug5u Field Experiments on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
16 13yku Urban Localization
17 4n62s Beyond Traditional Sensing for Intelligent Transportation
18 157g1 2nd Special Session on Solving The Automated Vehicle Safety Assurance Challenge
19 m2996 Special Session on Transportation and Reinforcement Learning