The 2nd ITSS – ITE Symposium

Where Rubber Meets the Road: Linking Research and Practice

29 October 2019 in Grey’s Room

This symposium is organized jointly by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC).  This joint symposium brings researchers (ITSS membership community) and practitioners (ITE membership community) to facilitate technical exchange on opportunities and challenges in deploying advanced ITS technologies. This symposium will offer a forum to discuss the benefits of vehicle infrastructure cooperation, to assess the infrastructure support readiness for Connected and Automated Vehicle technologies and to brainstorm areas where researchers and practitioners can work together to advance connected and automated vehicle technologies toward deployment.

Chaired by

  • Jeffrey Paniati, Executive Director, ITE International
  • Wei-Bin Zhang, IEEE ITSS President-Elect.

Session 1 – Connected / Automated Vehicle Technologies

Cities are looking for people-based approaches that use new and emerging technologies as enablers to support livable, prosperous communities that provide opportunities for all citizens, including the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies and strategies.  ITE is currently developing resources to help public agencies better understand and prepare the infrastructure for these new technologies. The panelists will present and discuss a variety of technical and policy issues associated with the implementation and deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies and strategies.  Of particular interests are the identification of the needs for cooperation and infrastructure support for autonomous driving and the requirements and standards for the vehicle cooperation and infrastructure support.

Everybody and Everything is Talking – the Rise of Connected Vehicles

  • Ed Seymour, Executive Associate Agency Director, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Advances, Benefits, and Challenges in Connectivity for Autonomous Driving 

  • Azim Eskandarian, Department Head & Nicholas and Rebecca Des Champs Chaired Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Virginia Tech

An Open, Transparent, Industry-Driven Approach to AV Safety

  • Jack Weast, Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel and VP Autonomous Vehicle Standards at Mobileye, Intel

Connectivity and Traffic flow Control

  • Petros Ioannou, Associate Director for Research for the University Transportation Center MATRONS and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Southern California

Preparing Local Agencies for the Future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Shauna Hallmark, Associate Director, Center for Transportation Research and Education and Professor of Department of Civil Engineering, Iowa State University

Session 2 – Improving Safety Through ITS Technologies

With the unacceptable loss of life that occurs annually due to traffic crashes and in light of the significant rise in fatalities among vulnerable users over the last several years. ITE has committed to building a stronger safety culture among its members underpinned by a Vison Zero mindset. The technical communities have developed various vehicle and infrastructure based crash avoidance and mitigation technologies and strategies. In this session, state-of-the-art technologies and strategies and their effectiveness will be presented. Discussions will be focus on how these technologies and strategies can be used as tools and resources to reduce loss of life and serious injuries and what changes needs to be made on the infrastructure and operation policies in order to facilitate the deployment of these technologies.

How Counties and Cities are using Smart Technologies to Improve Travel Safety?

  • John Horsley, Transportation Consultant

Realizing Automated Driving Systems - How Safe is Safe Enough and How do We Get There?

  • Ching-yao Chan, Program Manager of California PATH and Deputy Direct Co-Director of Berkeley Deep Drive, University of California at Berkeley,

Enhancing autonomous driving safety through connectivity and integrated infrastructure design

  • Yaobin Chen, Director of Transportation Active Safety Institute, Professor and Chairman of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI

Development and Implementation of a Pedestrian Priority Algorithm

  • Edward Smaglik, Director, Arizona Laboratory for Applied Transportation Research (AZTrans) and Professor of Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and Environmental Engineering, Northern Arizona University

Session 3 – Dialogue on Bringing Research and Practice Together

A free form of conversation will be carried out among panelists and with the audience. The questions to be discussed include:

  • What infrastructure and operation policy changes are needed for Connected and Automated Vehicles? What would be feasible ways to make these changes?
  • How safe is safe enough for CAV technologies for large scale deployment?
  • What are the highest priority research needs in the areas of cooperative driving and infrastructure support for automated diving and for achieving Vision Zero?
  • How to translate research findings into technical guidance?
  • How can research influence practice and vice versa?
  • How can both communities work together more effectively?

Moderator: Jeffrey Paniati, Executive Director, ITE


  • Jeffrey Lindley, Associate Executive Director and Chief Technical Officer, ITE
  • John Horsley, Consultant, AV and CV initiatives in American Cities and Counties
  • With participation of speakers from Sessions 1&2

Symposium Co-Chairs

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS)

  • Wei-Bin Zhang, University of California at Berkeley

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

  • Jeff Lindley, Institute of Transportation Engineers

Please contact Symposium Co-Chairs, towards obtaining any further information.

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